About Us

Ange Dechu was first founded in 2013 here in Chiang Mai Thailand when we moved here from London, we called it Ange Dechu that is French for "fallen angel" which fitted more the style of exiting lingerie we wanted to follow . Having been a designer in London with my own company for many years and love good quality and design we started designing and hand making our lingerie in our own studio, there is nothing quite like hand made as a special gift for her intimates draw .
The idea started when shopping in London's west end looking for some sexy lingerie which should be more exiting , we looked everywhere for the smaller sizes and found nothing to fit that was even a little exiting, now things have moved on and there is much more available online than in those days. 
Taking lingerie’s reputation for being uncomfortable and throwing it right out the window, feminine and sexier underwear .  our brand is designed for the smaller sized women ,  constricting features like underwires, and instead focusing on feeling just as good to wear as they look . our styles are all about , a range of styles rather than just a one-size-fits-all and not so much to the traditional look It’s mainly suited to smaller sizes, due to a focus on more bralette-style pieces 
affordable wide variety of colors and styles on offer.




Ange Dechu.co.ltd

11/53 Town avenue Jai Kaew Arawan16,
Nong Hoi,
Mueang Chiang Mai,
Chiang Mai  50000
Phone :  +66 85 523 2095
Email : ange-dechu@outlook.com